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Homelessness on State “right of way” property has been a controversial issue up and down the I-5 corridor and beyond. County and City governments face stiff criticism for ‘not doing enough’ about RVs and homelessness at State owned local Park and Ride locations like the one here on Mellen Street in Centralia.

The Governor should take immediately action and return Park and Rides back to their true purpose. Mellen Street, like many State Owned Properties, have become  health, safety, and environmental disasters.

The Governor has been derelict in his responsibility to maintain properties like the Mellen Street Park and Ride and frankly, they’ve been poor landlords and neighbors to their Park and Ride occupants and our community- -potentially causing permanent damage.

As your State Representative, I will require the state to maintain their property for the health and safety of the community where the property is located.

There needs to be a change in the law to address the concerns of local governments and local residents when the State owns property and fails to maintain the property and it becomes a health and safety hazard. I will lead that fight!

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