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Abbarno: Endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA)!

Peter Abbarno, candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District, was recently endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

The 20th Legislative District, which includes Thurston, Lewis, Cowlitz, and Clark counties, had the highest percentage of opposition to the 2018 Initiative 1639 ballot measure to increase restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. With 68.23% opposed, the 20th Legislative District voters sent a clear message and had the highest opposition rate among all districts.

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Protecting our Second Amendment rights should not be a partisan issue. In SW Washington, like most of rural Washington, gun ownership and hunting is part of the history and tradition of many families. Government should be enforcing current laws to punish criminals, not taking constitutional rights away from legal and responsible gun owners.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Our State constitutional provision in Article 1; Section 24, is unique in that the right to “bear arms” is construed as an “individual” rather than “collective” right. “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired.” Washingtonians have stronger protections, yet, the erosion of that right continues.

Enforcing current laws and preventing guns from being possessed by violent and repeat criminals should be priority and CAN be accomplished without infringing on the rights of law abiding and responsible gun owners. That is why I opposed Initiative 1639 in 2018. Good policy starts with existing laws being enforced by prosecutors and judges. Broad swath gun control legislation leaves criminals with guns, the innocent with no protection, and our law enforcement at a potentially lethal disadvantage.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District

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Abbarno receives Nation Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Endorsement!

Peter Abbarno, candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District, is endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Washington PAC.

On behalf of our more than 7,000 members here in the Evergreen State, we are pleased to announce the NFIB Washington PAC endorses your campaign for the state legislature.

Over 99 percent of all businesses in Washington are small businesses, and they employ more than half the state’s private sector workforce – 1.4 Million people – according to the US Small Business Administration.

David Steele, NFIB Washington PAC Chairman and Patrick Connor, Washington State NFIB WA PAC Director
Peter Abbarno is awarded the 2019 Economic Development Leadership award from Lewis Economic Development Council for his support and commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As a small business owner, it is an honor to receive the endorsement and support of the National Federation of Independent Business. Small Business owners are the heart of Washington’s economy, and even more so in places like SW Washington where we don’t have corporate giants like Amazon, Microsoft, or Boeing.

I stand committed to safely and quickly re-opening our economy and creating economic opportunities for businesses to grow, expand, and innovate. I appreciate the support of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Peter Abbarno, candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District

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Washington’s 20th Legislative District is one of forty-nine districts in Washington state for representation in the state legislature. The district includes a southern section of Thurston County, most of Lewis and Cowlitz counties, and the northern tip of Clark County.

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Washington’s 20th Legislative District

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To say the least, the 20th Legislative District is large. I’ve driven from Rochester and Tenino in Thurston County to Woodland in Clark County and virtually everywhere in between to meet with business owners, families, and future constituents. And, I will be doing that over-and-over again through Election Day!

The overwhelming feeling expressed has been frustration with the current economic situation and the desire for leadership and plan for recovery. As a small business owner and parent, I am feeling many of the same frustrations!

As your State Representative, my priority is real, meaningful, and fiscally responsible economic recovery and rebuilding that addresses the needs of small business owners and working families.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

Support for the Campaign to Elect Peter Abbarno

State Senator John Braun (R-20); State Representative Richard Debolt (R-20); State Representative Ed Orcutt (R-20); House Republican Leader JT Wilcox (R-2); State Representative Andrew Barkis (R-2); State Representative Jim Walsh (R-19); and over 30 elected officials in the 20th Legislative District from Thurston to Clark counties. . . .

Primary Deadlines: Less than two months until ballots arrive!

October 16 Start of 18-day voting period (through Election Day). Ballots are mailed out and Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available at voting centers.
October 26Online and mail registrations must be received 8 days before Election Day. Register to vote in person during business hours and any time before 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
November 3Deadline for Washington State voter registration or updates (in person only).
November 3General Election – Deposit your ballot in an official drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

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Abbarno voted “Best Volunteer” in Lewis County!

Centralia Mayor Pro-tem Peter Abbarno and Candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District was voted by the Daily Chronicle newspaper readers the “Best Volunteer” in Lewis County.

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Congratulations to all the volunteers in our community that give back. While I may have been voted Best Volunteer, but each person who volunteers in the community and gives of their time is the BEST. . . regardless if they were nominated or not.

People volunteer, not because they have nothing better to do, but they choose to do better.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

Abbarno was nominated “best volunteer” and “best elected official” for the past 5 years. In 2018, Peter was also voted “best volunteer” and voted “best elected official” in 2019. In 2020, Peter was named “Person of the Year” by the Daily Chronicle Editorial Board.

Volunteerism is one of the most selfless acts that we can become involved in and once you get started, and you see the difference, it changes you – as much as it changes your community.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

Working Families and Businesses need Child Care & Early Learning Options

A recent study conducted by a collaborative task force of child care organizations, found that roughly 550,000 kids in Washington do not have access to child care services, and that “the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced capacity even further.” Of the parents surveyed, 18% reported turning down a job over child care issues. This is an economic issue as much as it is a social and education issue.

Peter Abbarno speaking at the 2019 United Way Partnerhsip Luncheon about Early Learning, Child Care, and the United Learning Center

According to the Census, there are 4,500 children under the age of 5 in Lewis County. According to Child Care Aware of Washington, there are 1,500 child care/early learning spots available. The new statistics are may be increased by remote learning, and the fact that 18% of Washington’s child care programs are currently closed, leaving working parents with few options.

We need to create more opportunities for pre-kindergarten children to successfully prepare for school, develop safe places for school-aged students to play and study, and provide opportunities for parents to work and earn a living. Our community is not merely talking about this issue but proactively developing a United Learning Center.

I look at my own family with a 9 year old student entering 4th grade, 7 year old student entering 2nd grade, and my wife and I both working full time. Government overregulation of the industry and lack of investment has created limited options at best!

That is why we are working on the United Learning Center to help families and businesses. Our Community wants to get back to work, but many are held back by barriers created by COVID-19 and the Governor’s Orders. Pre-kindergarten programs and child care are priorities. I know this from my experiences and from the families I speak with across the 20th District.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

United Learning Center: A Little History

Children enrolled in early learning and child care programs have:

  • Increased Graduation Rates, which means the creation of productive workers and more contributors to the tax system;
  • Increased adult income earning capacity, which means less poverty;
  • Increased rate of home ownership, which means stronger neighborhoods and families;
  • Decreasing adult dependency on government programs, which means smaller government and less taxes; and
  • Reducing Crime rates, which means smaller government, less taxes, and safer streets.

I am opposed to meaningless government programs and a culture of reliance that measures success by headlines and dollars spent. That is why the United Learning Center is so appealing, it is a locally based collaboration of United Way, Discovery! Children’s Museum, Boys and Girls Club, and private and public investments.

Early learning programs are investments in learning and growth opportunities for children and they are financial independence opportunities for the families and parents. By adopting a plan of Early Identification, Early Intervention, Early Learning, our schools and communities could be much better at reducing poverty and setting the next generation up for success.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

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Peter volunteering at Edison Elementary with the WATCH D.O.G.S. program (Dads of Great Students)

Inslee Strikes Agritourism Industry with New Restrictions!

Despite agritourism already feeling the negative economic impact of COVID-19 and Stay Home Orders, the Governor released new rules in August that would end hay rides, petting farm animals, and touching farm equipment.

The new rules are arbitrary and disproportionately punish small farmers and agritourism in rural communities like the 20th Legislative District, who are already feeling the financial strain of the Stay Home Orders.

The new rules prohibiting farm playgrounds, viewing animals, and rides to fields are more restrictive than rules for public parks, zoos, public transportation, and even shopping indoors at places like Walmart. Farms are already meeting the capacity and sanitization rules, including social distancing.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

According to a Capital Press article, the agritourism rules are effective immediately and apply to all counties that have progressed past Phase 1 in Inslee’s four-phase plan to reopen Washington businesses. Any farm that breaks a rule can be fined $10,000.

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Agritourism customers must wear face coverings and keep at least 6 feet apart. The rules ban activities such as wagon rides, haunted houses, playgrounds, farm equipment “exploration,” animal viewing, petting areas, paintball and campfires.

Endorsed by the Washington Farm Bureau!

It was disappointing to hear, but not surprising, that the Governor didn’t consult with the Washington Farm Bureau before making his unilateral decision to direct the overly restrictive rules at rural famers and the agritourism industry.

No corn mases or fall events is a drastic policy! The Governor needs to take a mulligan and work with the agritourism industry to develop a better policy that protects visitors AND opens up our farms and communities.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

Recently, the Governor was forced to roll some of the restrictions back- evidencing the lack of leadership and a plan by the governor to address COVID-19 and a re-opening plan.

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Abbarno receives endorsement from Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler

Peter Abbarno, candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District received the endorsement of 3rd District Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. The 3rd Congressional District encompasses virtually all of the 20th Legislative District.

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Congresswoman Herrera Beutler. I’ve known the Congresswoman a long time and followed her career from State Representative to Congress. She’s an effective communicator on issues important to our community and works hard to find solutions. I look forward to continuing our work together to improve and support SW Washington and the 20th Legislative District.

Peter Abbarno, Centralia Mayor Pro Tem and Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

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Cowlitz County Meet-and-Greet(s) in Kelso!

Meet Peter Abbarno, Candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District, and your Cowlitz County Candidates in a series of meet-and-greets that begin August 27th. The 20th Legislative District includes parts of Thurston, Lewis, Cowlitz, and Clark counties.

Peter received over 47% of the primary vote in a field of 4 candidates to advance to the General Election on November 3rd to face a democrat candidate from Toutle.

Every-other week, starting on Thursday, August 27th, the public will have an opportunity to meet Republican candidates running for office or re-election in the State of Washington and Cowlitz County at the Cowlitz County Republican Headquarters at 314 Academy Street in Kelso.

2020 Meet & Greet Calendar

  • August 27th 5PM – 7PM
  • September 10th 5PM – 7PM
  • September 24th 5PM – 7PM
  • October 8th 5PM – 7PM
  • October 22nd 5PM – 7PM

About Peter Abbarno

Peter is a small business owner, attorney with Althauser Rayan Abbarno, LLP, and Mayor Pro-tem in the City of Centralia. Peter lives with his wife Holly (Hawes), a math teacher at Centralia Middle School, and their two children Sophia and Antonio.

Peter is endorsed by State Senator John Braun (R-20); State Representative Richard Debolt (R-20); State Representative Ed Orcutt (R-20); State Representative Jim Walsh (R-19); over 30 elected officials in the 20th district; as well as endorsed by the Washington Farm Bureau, Associated General Contractors of Washington, Washington Affordable Housing Council, The Daily News, The Lewis County News, received an “A” grade from the National Rifle Association, and is the only candidate recommended by LifePac.

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Happy Birthday, George Washington, Centralia Founder!

If there’s any decent place in this world, I’m Going to find it!

George Washington, Founder of Centralia, Born August 15, 1817.

George Washington, a young African American man from Missouri, said this phrase before platting Centralia (formerly known as Centerville) in Lewis County, Washington. George Washington, the son of  a black slave and a white woman of English descent, George crossed the continent on the Oregon Trail and settled where the Chehalis and Skookumchuck Rivers converge.

In these highly charged and political times, we must embrace our past and look at the people, like George Washington, who forever changed our community and destiny for the better. It is in our shared history and appreciation for trailblazers, visionaries, and humanitarians, like George, that we find common ground to communicate, cooperate, and endeavor to solve problems together. George, and his wife Mary Jane, left a legacy from which we continue to learn. Happy Birthday, George, and thank you!

Peter Abbarno, Centralia City Councilmember and candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

According to

On January 8, 1875, George Washington (1817-1905) and his wife Mary Jane file the plat that establishes the town of Centerville, soon to be renamed Centralia, in Lewis County in Southwest Washington. George Washington, a pioneer from Virginia, is the son of an African American slave and a woman of English descent. For the next 30 years, he is a leading citizen, promoter, and benefactor of the town he founds.

From the Book “Centralia: the First Fifty Years” (Pg. 213):

When the first plat of the new town, just four blocks square, was finished, George Washington and his wife, Mary Jane, took the roll of paper and drove over tot he new county seat at Saundersville, later Chehalis, to the two-story courthouse on State Street. Before John West, the auditor, and his wife, Dora, as witness, on January 8, 1875, they filed their intention to lay out a new town. It read: This town of Centerville, Iys in the North Easte Corner of Section Eight, Township 14, Range two West. I have agreed to sell lots to any person for ten dollars per lot that want them to enny actual settlers. The Streets and Alleys are as follows, West Front Street 68 feet wide, East Front Street 66 feet wide. All the rest of the Streets are sixty feet wide, Three Alleys Twelve feet wide. Said Streets and Allays are hereby dedicated as highways for Public use.

Read more from the book, “Centralia: the First Fifty Years,” and about the founding of the city of Centralia here.

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Thank you for voting and supporting the Campaign to Elect Peter Abbarno. My family and I are honored and feel blessed to received the overwhelming support in the Primary Election. As of August 7, I received over 47% of the Vote in a 4-way race; including over 54% in my home county of Lewis.

There is a lot of work ahead! I will be traveling the district and discussing the important issues impacting families and businesses. Election Day is November 3rd; meaning voting begins on October 16. There is not a lot of time!

We must keep the 20th District Strong and working for us- and equally important- send a strong message to King County and Olympia politicians that we don’t want their failed Seattle policies in our neighborhoods in SW Washington!

I want to thank Brian Lange and others for running a positive campaign about the issues. It is not easy to put your name on the ballot. There is a lot of time dedicated to traveling and discussing ideas and solutions for our community. I have a lot of respect for Brian and all the candidates that ran this year.

Thank you for your support and vote for Peter Abbarno.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

The General Election Begins Now!

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