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Are You Prepared For Flooding?
Author: Peter Abbarno
January 3, 2020

Catastrophic flooding is one of the most important issues facing our region. Past floods have cost our community personally and financially. The threat of damaging localized and future catastrophic flooding is holding back many communities from reaching its full Potential.

Access to information about flooding is important. As a Centralia City Councilmember, I supported large and small flood mitigation projects in Centralia and throughout the Chehalis Basin. As state representative in the 20th Legislative District, which is in the heart of the Chehalis River Basin, I will continue to support infrastructure investments that protect homes and businesses from flooding; and help our communities reach their full potential.

Flooding is damaging throughout the district, including the Chehalis Basin, Kelso, and Kalama. Catastrophic flooding is becoming more common. The need to support a long-term comprehensive approach is vital to help our community reach its full potential.

Peter Abbarno, Representative-Elect in the 20th Legislative District.

While long-term large projects and solutions are being discussed, many smaller local projects throughout the Chehalis Basin have been completed, are in the process of completion, and being planned for construction with the purpose of reducing flooding on small and large scales.

Are you Flood Ready?

Localized Flooding

One major cause of localized street flooding are leaves. Please don’t block storm drains by raking leaves into the street. Proper disposal of leaf and lawn debris helps prevent street flooding, along with preventing major blockages within the storm lines, which can cause street flooding and costly repairs.

The City annually provides a limited number of free yard waste containers for leaves at your request, while supplies last. Stay Tuned for more information about the program this Fall. Please call 360-330-7512 to sign up for this program and find the dates of participation.

Localized Flooding in Edison District, Centralia

Flood Information!

Do you need updated flood information, river heights, and road closures?

For information visit, the City of Centralia or Lewis County Emergency Management.

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