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Happy as a Hen: Southwest Washington Fair Celebrates 110!
Author: Peter Abbarno
April 24, 2019

This week, Centralia City Councilmember Peter Abbarno joined the SW Washington Fair commission and supporters of the Fair and Fairgrounds at a Fair Season Kickoff event.

The Southwest Washington Fair was founded in 1909 and attracts over 70,000 people annually. The Fair provides an annual financial transfusion for the local economy and highlights the history, culture, and traditions that make Lewis County and SW Washington a special place to live and work.

Peter Abbarno with 2019 Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford and Little Miss Friendly Natalie Butler celebrating the Fair’s 110th Birthday!

According to the Chronicle and SW Washington Fair, today’s Fair had its formative start in 1877, when an association was formed in Lewis County for the purpose of promoting “the advancement of agriculture” and needing the stimulus of friendly competition to advance them beyond the first rudiments of agriculture which are generally found in a new country.

The organization was incorporated as The Lewis County Agricultural Association in November 1882, and its first Fair was held Oct. 6 – 9, 1891, at what is the site of today’s Fair. (Note: the Fair held in 1877 was located at a site near where the Fuller’s Market Basket is now located in Chehalis,

The Southwest Washington Fairgrounds is the largest indoor/outdoor event facility in the area. The fairgrounds offers over 100,000 square feet of multi-use buildings for every type of public and private event. Major amenities include historic grandstands, 2 outdoor stages, large parking and camping areas. Plus barns and buildings suitable for all types of animal events.

Todd Mason, Brittany Voie, and Peter Abbarno celebrate the 2019 Theme for the SW Washington Fair: Happy as a Hen!

The Fair Theme this year is “Happy as a Hen, come celebrate 110!” to commemorate the 110th year for the Southwest Washington Fair. The Fair run August 13-18, 2019. Learn more about the Fair at

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