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Tax increase proposal is an obstacle to recovery.
Author: peterabbarno
June 16, 2020

Democrats recently released a proposal to raise more than $2 billion in revenue through new and increased taxes. Titled,  “Public Priorities and Progressive Revenues Plan” the proposal includes two funding mechanisms: a state capital gains tax (income tax) and a corporate payroll tax, a tax on the employer based on the wages paid to employees.

In my race for State House in the 20th Legislative District, the “Income Tax” is and a “Wealth Tax”! Any graduated tax on such income has been repeatedly held unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court. Furthermore, the Washingtonians in the 20th District and beyond have continuously voted against opening the door to a State Income Tax.

I oppose a State Income Tax for constitutional and economic reason, as well as a ‘wealth tax’ that punishes success and innovation and repeatedly taxes the same money year after year.

Peter Abbarno, candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

Funding mechanisms proposed by Democrat legislators and candidates include an ‘unconstitutional’ income tax, gas tax, low carbon fuel tax, road usage charge (RUC), ‘regressive’ business and occupation tax (B&O) increases, and more.

Over the past two years, the Governor and his legislative Democrats placed almost $10 billion worth of tax burden on working families and businesses; despite unprecedented revenue from existing sources. Now, they are coming back for more at the expense of working families and small businesses trying to recover. The state budget today is 19% larger than the budget approved in 2017.

As your State Representative, my priority is reducing spending, implementing efficiencies, and eliminating regulatory burdens so that our economy and community can grow while protecting the most vulnerable in the community. Our State can’t tax its way through a recovery or to prosperity.

I support investing in programs that truly make a difference in our community and incentivizing private business expansion and job creation through tax and regulatory reforms. Families and Businesses want to get back to work without the State being an obstacle.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

2019-2020 Tax Increases on families and businesses:

Governor Inslee recently said he will call a special session for more aggressive steps if additional spending is needed. Tacoma Democrat State Representative Jake Fey was very revealing of the intent to increase taxes stating “we’re looking at everything from the road usage charge to a carbon-based charge; you name it, it’ll be looked at.”

Washington lawmakers are planning an emergency session to plug a hole of at least $7 billion in the state budget. Last week, State agencies turned in proposals Monday to cut 15% from their budgets over the next fiscal year, which starts on July 1, as well as the two years after that.

The current State Budget expenditures have increased 19% since 2017. Washington Policy Center budget analyst Jason Mercier said some programs may be cut, but a 15% reduction won’t make the current budget lower than the previous one.

The Governor and legislative Democrats did not need to increase taxes or create new sources of revenue the past two years! They did so because of their insatiable need to grow the size of government and create unnecessary programs at the expense of working families and small businesses.

Now, they want more. Our State was seeing unprecedented revenue. Rather than live within their means, the majority created raised taxes and created unsustainable programs without adequately funding the ‘rainy day’ reserves.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

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