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Key Issues

Peter Voted To Protect Taxpayers 

Despite unprecedented and unanticipated revenue from the State of Washington and federal government, there were over 30 taxes and fees created or increased during the 2021 legislative session; proposed by the majority party in the Legislature and Governor Jay Inslee.  The tax and fee increases included the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Cap and Trad/Tax, Income Tax on Capital Gains, 988 phone line fee, document recording fees, and much more. 

As your representative in the 20th Legislative District, I took the taxpayer pledge and voted against the unnecessary tax increases. Government should be putting money back in the pockets of working families and small businesses where it belongs- that is how I voted. I believe we must invest in our families and communities by giving the hard earned money back! Click HERE to see my voting record on taxes and research legislation in the 2021-2022 session! 

Rep. Abbarno: Citizens should have a ‘say’ on an income tax. Bill passes House, 52-46, with Republicans voting no. – Peter Abbarno (


Peter Voted to Protect Small Businensses

I am an attorney and small business owner who understands the needs of our small business owners. During the 2021 legislative session, small businesses found themselves in the ‘crosshairs’ of the majority party.  I am proud to report that my colleagues and I fought against bad legislation and won, like Qui Tam, Data Privacy, and employment regulations. 

Small business owners are the live blood of our state. And, make up the greatest percentage of our businesses. It is not enough to say #ChooseLocalFirst or #ShopLocal. This session, can say I fought for our local businesses and family own shops.  Click HERE to see my voting record supporting small businesses. 

Peter Voted to Invest in our Community

I am proud and honored to serve as the Assistant Ranking Member of the House Capital Budget Committee.  The House Capital Budget, also called the Construction Budget, invests in local projects to help create jobs and opportunities, serve critical needs, and improve the quality of life for citizens across our great state and in the 20th District. Click HERE to read all about the projects in Washington State and the 20th Legislative District. 

Some general categories for statewide spending include: $175 million in the Housing Trust Fund, a competitive grant program that funds the construction and renovation of affordable housing; $96.8 million for community-based behavioral health beds; $155 million for broadband in the form of grants and loans to improve and expand broadband access to unserved and underserved communities across the state; $103.6 million for clean energy, energy efficiency, weatherization, and rehabilitation; $48.5 million for early learning grants; $969.9 million for K-12 education; $978.7 million for higher education; and $120.9 million for flood risk reduction and habitat restoration.

Within the House proposal, the 20th Legislative District could receive a wide range of projects, including: $300,000 for the Lewis County Seniors (Centralia) from the Building Communities Grant Fund; $21,000 for Reliable Enterprises (Centralia) from the Building Communities Grant Fund; $14,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Lewis County (Chehalis) from the Youth Recreational Facilities Grant Program; $515,000 for the Lake Lawrence Fire Station in Yelm; $259,000 for Mayme Shaddock Park in Napavine; $283,000 for Werden Park in Vader; $129,000 for the Lewis County public safety radio infrastructure in Chehalis; $824,000 for the Lewis County Youth Services renovation and addition in Chehalis; $1.750 for the Southwest Washington Grain Project in Chehalis; $1.850 for the Vader Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements; $3.55 million for the Lewis County PUD for a substation and transmission facility in Winlock; $70 million for the Office of Chehalis Basin; $1.529 million to the Centralia School District for the Gemini and LTE; $8.05 for the Packwood sewer system; $2.55 million for a hydrogen fueling station in Chehalis: $2.03 million for the Willapa Hills Trail Bridge (Adna, 19th and 20th Legislative Districts); $2.250 for a pedestrian overcrossing replacement in Kalama; $2 million for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library in Woodland; $1.03 million for the Woodland Community Library; $123,000 for the Chehalis-Centralia locomotive repair (Chehalis); and $52,000 for the Seminary Hill Natural and Heritage Trail Project in Centralia.

Strong economic investment for 20th District residents in Rep. Abbarno’s first capital construction budget – Peter Abbarno (

Peter Voted to Support our Workforce

I am proud of our investmetment in CTC, Community Colleges, and Workforce development in this years Capital Budget. Supporting our trade workers and newest generation of builders and workers is important. 

Unfortunately, this year saw a number of environmental bills like HB 1287, HB 1084, and SB 5126 that aimed to kill jobs and opportunities and specifically referenced ‘retraining’ and ‘wage replacement’ for many union and non-union workers. These bills waged war on working families and workers with the goal of forcibly elminiating jobs for the speculative new green economy that has not materialized internationally, nationally, or locally. 

The Majority went also voted against my ‘USA’ amendment that would have invested millions from the cap and trade bill to CTC, apprenticeship, and workforce development programs. I will continue to support my community with investments in our workforce and working families. 

Cap-and-trade bill passes House Environment and Energy Committee; Democrats reject Abbarno’s ‘USA’ amendment prioritizing workers and their families – Peter Abbarno (

Peter Voted to Support Working Families

I was excited to vote to finally fund the Working Families Tax Credit to support our working families. I also proposed an amendment to the Cap and Trade bill that would have invested even more in the Working Families Tax Credit. 

My family, like most, have had the difficult ‘kitchen table’ discussions about bills, budgets, and taxes. A lot of families are struggling. 

I believe the best way to support working families is by investing in them and their communities. Families know better how and where to spend their money. Communities know better how and where to spend their money. My priority is to give the taxpayers their money to spend it on their priorities.

Three examples — each of which passed the House with bipartisan support of families:

  • House Bill 1015 – Would create the Equitable Access to Credit Program within the Department of Commerce to make it easier for small businesses in rural and underserved communities to access lines of credit;
  • House Bill 1170 – Would implement the “Building Economic Strength Through Manufacturing” (BEST) Act, which establishes policies that will help double manufacturing jobs in Washington state by 2031; and
  • House Bill 1297 – Would expand the state’s 2008 working families tax exemption so that 400,000 taxpayers in Washington could become eligible for a credit of between $500 and $950.

Abbarno: House-of-origin cutoff arrives with positive theme and opportunities for working Washington families – Peter Abbarno


Peter Voted to Protect our Communities

Every American and every Washingtonian has a right to feel safe in their home and in their neighborhood. Calls to defund the police in Seattle resulted in spikes in crime across that city and region. Unfortunately, that same call has made its way to Olympia in the form of ‘police reform.’ 

I believe we can all improve our job performance, whether you are an attorney, teacher, electrician, or law enforcement officer. Accountability and training are the hallmarks of many professions. However, what started out as additional training programs and bipartisan bills calling for accountability resulted in taking away many law enforcement tools to keep themselves and our communities safe from criminals. I opposed legislation that make our streets less safe and our law enforcement officers more vulnerable to attacks. 

At the same time as law enforcement officers were losing tools to keep us safe, laws were being passed to let criminals vote before completing all their legal and financial obligations to society and the victim; letting criminals out of jail/prison early without completing their sentence; avoid paying for victims penalty assessments that helps victims recover; and so much more. The balance was lost this session. I will continue to work on a balanced approach that ensures training and accountability at the same time ensures our streets are safe. 

Abbarno resolution honors late Chehalis WSP Trooper Justin Schaffer – Peter Abbarno (

Peter Voted to Protect our Rights and Freedoms

As your state representative, I am sworn to uphold both the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the state of Washington. I continue to support your constitutional rights from my first vote on the House floor to open-up the Legislature, take emergency powers back from the Governor, to the last weekend of session opposing restrictions on you right to possesses a firearm.

The Washington State Constitutional clearly states that “all political power is inherent in the people.” The right to speak freely, assemble, parent, and protect. . . . 

Click HERE to see how I voted on legislation important to you and your family. 

Abbarno joins other House Republicans in voting against bill restricting Second Amendment rights – Peter Abbarno (

Capitol Report with Rep. Abbarno: Firearm rights and rejecting bad bills – Peter Abbarno (

Abbarno speaks in opposition of bill that would enact excessive restrictions on open-carry of firearms – Peter Abbarno (

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