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Payroll Tax? You’re ‘in’ unless you Opt-out!

Beginning January 2022, all Washington workers will pay $0.58 per $100 of their earnings to fund the Long-Term Care Trust Act (LTCTA). This means you will pay $290 per $50,000 of income or $580 per $100,000. There is no limit to how much a worker can contribute to the...

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Best Science Supports Permitting the NWIW Kalama Facility

Representative-Elect Peter Abbarno (R-Centralia) joined a coalition of bipartisan SW Washington officials in calling for the State Department of Ecology and Governor to follow the science and data associated with Northwest Innovation Works' Kalama Manufacturing &...

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Concerns pileup over remote legislative session.

Concerns pileup as the first Washington State remote legislative session approaches. Numerous groups expressed concerns and shared recommendations to legislative leaders in a letter dated January 6, 2021. The legislative session is schedule to begin on Monday, January...

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Reduce Taxes on Working Families and Small Businesses!

Governor Jay Inslee proposed a new income tax on capital gains for the upcoming legislative session; a proposal that has failed to advance the past eight (8) years despite Democrat majorities in the state House and Senate. A proposed income tax has also been rejected...

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Governor Inslee: Spending and Taxes on the Rise!

Governor Inslee recently released his 2021-23 operating budget and his 2021 supplemental budget proposals. If the Governor’s 2021 supplemental and 2021-23 budgets were both adopted, state spending would increase by $5.5 billion (10.5%) between 2019-21 and 2021-23. In...

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The Fight for the Soul of Seattle: Politics over People.

KOMO News' Eric Johnson followed up his documentary "Seattle is Dying" with a documentary called Fighting for the Soul of Seattle. The documentary, which first aired on KOMO News on December 12th, is an 1.5 hour program that explores drug addiction, mental health,...

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