Endorsements and Issues

Who is Supporting Peter Abbarno?

Elected Officials

  • Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-3)
  • State Senator John Braun (R-20)
  • State Representative Richard Debolt (R-20)
  • State Representative Ed Orcutt (R-20)
  • House Republican Leader JT Wilcox (R-2)
  • State Representative Jim Walsh (R-19)
  • State Senator Doug Ericksen (R-42)
  • State Representative Andrew Barkis (R-2)
  • Lewis County Commissioner Gary Stamper
  • Lewis County Commissioner Bobby Jackson
  • Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Meyer
  • Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza
  • Lewis County Treasurer Arny Davis
  • Lewis County Assessor Dianne Dorey
  • Lewis County Clerk Scott Tinney
  • Lewis County Coroner Warren McLeod
  • Thurston County Commissioner Gary Edwards
  • Thurston County Commissioner John Hutchings
  • Centralia Mayor Sue Luond
  • Chehalis Mayor Dennis Dawes
  • Woodland Mayor Will Finn
  • Tenino Mayor Wayne Fournier
  • Toledo Mayor Steve Dobosh
  • Winlock Mayor Brandon Svenson
  • Chehalis Mayor Pro Tem Chad Taylor
  • Chehalis City Councilmember Daryl Lund
  • Centralia City Councilmember Kelly Smith Johnston
  • Kalama City Councilmember Steve Kallio
  • Kalama City Councilmember Matthew Merz
  • Kalama City Councilmember Wendy Conradi
  • Napavine City Councilmember Heather Stewart
  • Chehalis School Board member and former State Representative J. Vander Stoep
  • Chehalis Port Commissioner Mark Anders
  • Centralia Port Commissioner Julie Shaffley
  • Fire District Commissioner Tom Crowson

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Community Support

  • Washington Farm Bureau – Endorsed
  • National Federation of Independent Business – Endorsed
  • Mainstream Republicans of Washington – Endorsed
  • Associated General Contractors of Washington – Endorsed
  • Washington Affordable Housing Council – Endorsed
  • The Daily News – Endorsed
  • The Lewis County News – Endorsed
  • “A” grade from the National Rifle Association
  • Only LifePac candidate recommended
  • Col. Ron Averill (former Lewis County Commissioner)
  • Janice Averill
  • Anthony and Danielle Ahrens, Lewis County
  • Amber Alawine, Lewis County
  • Tony Bartel, Lewis County
  • Spencer Boudreau, Cowlitz County
  • Doris Wood-Brumsickle, Lewis County
  • Bill Brumsickle, Lewis County
  • Kevin Carns, Lewis County
  • Marylouise Crowson, Lewis County
  • Rebecca Ford, Lewis County
  • Shelly Ford, Lewis County
  • Glenda Forga, Lewis County
  • Lee Grose, Lewis County
  • Candy Hallom, Lewis County
  • Chuck Halsig, Cowlitz County
  • Laura Hasbrook, Lewis County
  • Vanessa Horning, Thurston County
  • Randall Horning, Thurston County
  • Melissa Jeg, Lewis County
  • Darlene and Jim Johnson, Cowlitz County
  • Bill Josh, Cowlitz County
  • Kyle Markstrom, Lewis County
  • Michael Messmore , Lewis County
  • Dale Merten, Lewis County
  • Olga Miller, Lewis County
  • Colleen Morse, Lewis County
  • Patti Nelson, Lewis County
  • Doug Peterson, Lewis County
  • Fred Rider, Lewis County
  • Richard Stride (COO Cascade Community Health)
  • Frm. State Sen. Dan Swecker, Thurston County
  • Debby Swecker, Thurston County
  • J. Vander Stoep, Lewis County
  • Gene Weaver, Thurston County
  • Larry Weaver, Thurston County
  • Mark Westley, Lewis County. . . and so many more! Thank you!!

To donate, endorse, and join the Elect Peter Abbarno Victory Team, visit the Contact Page and let Peter know how you can help!

Issues important to our community?

Income – Capital Gains Tax

According to Article VII of the Washington’s Constitution, “all taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of property within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax and shall be levied and collected for public purposes only.” The State Supreme Court and the voters have repeatedly rejected the notion that an income tax is constitution in the Sate of Washington. I agree- an income tax is not constitutional and is not in the best interest of the State of Washington and discussed this issue on King 5.

In recent years, Seattle and Olympia politicians have argued in favor of a Capital Gains Tax, and further argued that a Capital Gains Tax is different than an income tax. I, the Internal Revenue Services, the State Department of Revenue, and the State Treasurer disagree! A Capital Gains Tax in an Income Tax. A Capital Gains Tax is an Income Tax and unconstitutional.

Attorney and Business Owner Peter Abbarno intervieewed on King5 Television oppsing proposed Capital Gains and B&O Tax proposal in State Legislature (2019).

The State of Washington has significant unanticipated revenue from existing revenue sources. There is no need to raise tax rate or create new revenue sources. Olympia needs to be held accountable and look at spending priorities. Creating an income tax only punishes working families, small businesses, and stifles growth and innovation.

Business and Occupation Tax

The state Business and Occupation Tax (B&O) tax is a gross receipts tax, meaning businesses are taxed on the value of products, gross proceeds of sale, or gross income of the business. As a business owner, this regressive tax means government gets paid before employees or the small business’ bills are paid; there are no deductions from the B&O tax for labor, materials, taxes, or other costs of doing business. I do not support the expansion or increase of the B & O tax.

There are few more punishing taxes on small and family owned businesses than the B&O tax. Unfortunately, the Governor and his party believe this is the best way to fund fringe projects in King County at the expense of our small businesses in SW Washington.

Centralia attorney Peter Abbarno joins AWB Government Affairs Director Clay Hill to testify in opposition to Senate Bill 5129, which would increase taxes on employers. (Photo: Brian Mittge/AWB)

Last year, out-of-touch politicians raised the Business and Occupation Tax (B&O) on businesses like mine and more than 85,000 others. I was a very vocal opponent of the tax increase- testifying before the State Senate with the Association of Washington Businesses and being interviewed by King5 News.

Effective and sustainable investments should be the hallmark of legislation coming from Olympia. There are ways to improve education, economic opportunities, safety without always punishing local small businesses. It is about solutions, and doing the hard work to find them. That is what I will bring to Olympia.

Strong Families

Families must be strengthen by encouraging communication and involvement, and providing them with the tools necessary for success. Statistics have proven over and over that strong families give children a better chance at success. Instead of encouraging strong families and empowering parents, Olympia wants to take that sacred responsibility away.

As a husband and father, I will fight for families first and keep government out of the parenting business. I will oppose legislation like this year’s mandatory sex education, SB 5395, and my family helped gather signatures for Referendum 90.

Peter, Holly, Antonio, and Sophia on the first day of school 2019. Solphia enters 3rd grade, Antonio enters 1st grade, and Holly teaches 8th grade math.

The issue of sex education should be left to local school boards in conjunction with local families. Olympia continues to pass legislation that erodes local control and family decision making. We should be encouraging families to be part of the process and the discussion on a local level. Our communities are not “one size fits all!” This issues is more complex than “pro” and “con.” This is an issue of “Who” and “When”. I am choosing our families and my community first!

Olympia also voted to keep serious teen health issues secrets from parents. Olympia should be encouraging resources and tools for families to deal with “sensitive conditions” in the home; rather than encourage secrecy. With safety in mind, the general rule should be to support and encourage healthy families to build bonds over important issues.

Constitutional Rights

Protecting our Second Amendment rights should not be a partisan issue. In SW Washington, like most of rural Washington, gun ownership and hunting is part of the history and tradition of many families. Government should be enforcing current laws to punish criminals, not taking constitutional rights away from legal and responsible gun owners.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Our State constitutional provision in Article 1; Section 24, is unique in that the right to “bear arms” is construed as an “individual” rather than “collective” right. “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired.” Washingtonians have stronger protections, yet, the erosion of that right continues.

Enforcing current laws and preventing guns from being possessed by violent and repeat criminals should be priority and CAN be accomplished without infringing on the rights of law abiding and responsible gun owners. It starts with the law being enforced by prosecutors and judges. Broad swath gun control legislation leaves criminals with guns, the innocent with no protection, and our law enforcement at a potentially lethal disadvantage.


Flooding is one of the most important issues negatively impacting job growth, economic development, and inter/intrastate commerce in our region. I strongly support a long-term vision and commitment to our community. Without a comprehensive solution, our region will be held back from reaching its full potential.

Peter Abbarno visits Kelso to discuss flooding with Spencaer Boudreau and local residents.

This approach is true in many 20th Legislative District Communities like Kalama, Kelso, and Centralia. I am committed to working on funding a collaborative approach to localized and catastrophic flooding that protects business, families, and our natural resource economy and environment.

Home owners, land owners, and businesses need to know their family, property, and business is safe from flooding, destruction, and ruin. This can happen by finding collaborative solutions.

Economic Development

Since being elected to the Centralia City Council, I have focused many efforts on residential and commercial growth to allow our community and region to meet its full economic potential. In 2019, I was honored to received the Economic Development Leadership Award from the Lewis County Economic Development Council for my work with local entrepreneurs.

Olympia needs to continue working with partners to open up new housing opportunities, create new jobs, and grow in smart and innovative ways. We can do that through infrastructure improvements, annexation, and design guide modifications.

Peter Abbarno speaking at the 2017 Rob Fuller Scholarship Luncheon.

Economic Development must be diverse to be effective. Our community must be diverse in opportunities like manufacturing, services industry, tourism, art and music, sporting events, destination shopping; as well as balance our efforts between the historic downtowns, and port projects. Diversity allows a community to grow, withstand recessions, and deliver a better quality of life.


Homeless is not a “cause” it is an “effect” and treating homelessness rather than the causes of homelessness does not work. Homelessness does not have one cause; it is drug addiction, mental illness, lack of education, lack of training, poor decisions, laziness, traumatic events, illnesses, and many more. That is why homelessness is so hard to battle.

Peter Abbarno addressing the community at the United Way Partnership Luncheon on the topic of lifting 30% of families out of poverty by 2030.

Many communities struggle with homelessness. I have helped build strong partnerships and coordination between the faith based community, health and social services organizations, and local government to address the issues in our neighborhoods and on our streets.

Successful plans to address homelessness must be flexible and allow local governments, local agencies, local faith based organizations, and local health and social service organizations to direct the funds where they are needed most.

As I discussed with the Governor on his trip to Chehalis and the Hub City Severe Weather Shelter, Cookie cutter one-size-fits-all programs we see in King County-Seattle-Olympia don’t work everywhere and clearly aren’t even working there. We need to address the causes today, as well as implement early identification and treatment of students and young adults to avoid homelessness caused my mental illness and substance abuse.


Our residents and visitors must feel safe in their homes, in their places of work, and walking through our community. I have been a strong advocate for law enforcement and their ability to keep our families safe.

Peter at a Centralia City Council meeting introducing himself to Pax, the newest member of the Centralia Police Department.

Our law enforcement officers are much more than “enforcers.” The complex issues of today, including causes of homelessness, have added counselor, advocate, and health and social service provider, to the long list of their already stressful job description.

This year, Seattle and Olympia politicians voted to eliminate the death penalty, eliminate life in prison without parole, potentially reduce sentences for attempted robberies and drive-by shootings, and allow felons to vote while on community supervision before victims are compensated. The agenda by the majority in Olympia does not create safe streets or neighborhoods. It rewards criminals and puts families at risk.

Every citizen, business owner, and visitor to the your community should feel safe and secure shopping at local businesses, walking to school, and driving down the road.

Peter Abbarno and Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford at the Tenino First Responders BBQ.

I will continue to work with our law enforcement community to provide them the resources needed to continue their job and recruit future generations of honorable officers; I will continue to support enforcing the current laws that should keep us safe; and I will not weaken the ability of law enforcement officers or private citizens from defending themselves.

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