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Abbarno Calls on Governor to Reopen Gyms: ZERO reported cases linked to gyms or fitness centers.
Author: Peter Abbarno
December 2, 2020

According to the Washington State Department of Health and Washington State Department of Labor and Industries November 10, 2020 report titled, “The COVID-19 Confirmed Cases by Industry Sector”, there are no reported cases linked to gyms and fitness centers. There are less than 1% confirmed cases, even if Gyms and Fitness Centers are combined with the industry designation “Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation.”

I am a member of my local gym, Thorbeckes, and exercise at a gym or fitness center very regularly. As a business, they want to remain open, so the health of their members and attention to cleanliness and sanitation is paramount. That is not merely anecdotal, but represented in the science and data provided by the Department of Health.

As a Centralia City Councilmember and Representative-Elect in the 20th Legislative District, I join the members of the State House and Washington Fitness Alliance and call on the Governor to reconsider his decision to completely close all private and non-profit gyms and fitness facilities.

Peer Abbarno, Representative-Elect in the 20th Legislative District

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