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February 7- Peter Abbarno spent the day in Cowlitz County with local community members and Kalama City Councilors Matthew Merz and Steve Kallio. Both Merz and Kallio have endorsed Abbarno’s campaign for State Representative in the 20th Legislative District to replace the retiring Richard DeBolt.

Abbarno (center) discusses important local issues with Kalama City Councilors Matthew Merz (left) and Steve Kallio (right).

I am honored to have the endorsement of Matthew Merz and Steve Kallio. They are both leaders in the Kalama and Cowlitz County community. Local issues like flood mitigation, job creation, and protecting our way of life in SW Washington are not partisan issues. Solutions take communications and cooperation at all levels. My campaign is about solutions to build strong families and strong communities.

Peter Abbarno, Business Owner, Attorney, Centralia Mayor Pro Tem, and Candidate for State Representative in the 20th Legislative District.

Councilors Merz and Kallio discussed many local issues with Abbarno, including flood mitigation; infrastructure improvements; homeless policies to address drug abuse and mental illness; the creation and retention of natural resource based jobs; economic development in the City and at the Port of Kalama; and the general feeling Kalama and Cowlitz County families are over taxed and local businesses overregulated.

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