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Local Attorney, Centralia City Councilmember, and prolific volunteer was named the Daily Chronicle Newspaper’s 2019 Person of the Year! The feature article is located here.

I want to thank the Chronicle for choosing me to be the Person of the Year! I am very humbled by the honor and truly owe it all to my wife and family, my office co-workers, and the amazing charitable organizations that create opportunities to serve.

Peter Abbarno

The feature article in the Chronicle reads: On a recent day, United Way of Lewis County Executive Director Debbie Campbell received a surprising gift in the form of a note and $500 left in the mail. 

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“We would like to honor Peter Abbarno for all he does to further education in Lewis County,” read the short letter, written by a local woman who had recently lost her husband. 

She didn’t know Abbarno particularly well, but his work in the community had inspired her and her late husband to contribute to a cause he supports. 

To Campbell, it’s another piece of tangible, heartwarming evidence of the impacts made by Abbarno, a prolific local volunteer, Centralia city councilor and attorney who has for years dedicated his time, money and expertise to dozens of causes and organizations in both Lewis and Thurston counties. 

“Peter has a heart to make our community a better place,” Campbell said. “He believes that improving a community is about solving problems and he not only gives of his time, talent and resources, he supports the good work of others with strategic brainstorming and connecting people with resources. Peter has good will in his heart, and with his energy and perseverance, he has achieved great things for our community.”

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Althauser Rayan Abbarno attorney Peter Abbarno is named Chronicle Person of the Year for 2019.

Indeed, it might be quicker to name the organizations Abbarno has not volunteered his time to than those he has. 

In addition to the United Way of Lewis County, he and his family have been involved with The Hub City Mission, Friends of the Seminary Hill Natural Area, Lewis County Seniors, Raise for Rowyn, the Centralia College Foundation, Specialized Activities and Recreation in the Community (SPARC), the Forgotten Children’s Fund, Lewis County Special Olympics, the Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce, the Boys and Girls Club of Chehalis, the Visiting Nurses Foundation, the Lewis Economic Development Council and Centralia Little League, in addition to other efforts. 

To read the entire article, visit The Daily Chronicle.

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