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It’s an honor serving as the Centralia College Foundation president & supporting higher education in our community at Centralia College.

A packed room for both nights of scholarship presentations!

The Foundation invested over $1.3 million in student scholarships over the past two years. That is due to our amazing donors, supporters and staff at the Foundation and College. Thanks to your continued support! Learn more at

Centralia College Trustee Debbie Campbell and Centralia College Foundation President Peter Abbarno are joined by Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford, a scholarship recipient.

A quality education is the cornerstone to a successful community. And that is not limited to K-12. . . but includes our exceptional community college. It provides opportunity and you know what they say when opportunity knocks. . . you answer.

Scholarships are the same. The great equalizer. A reward for your hard work and perseverance. The hard work and support also includes the student’s family and friends. Sacrifice for a quality education and opportunities is a team sport.

The Centralia College Foundation was formed 35 years ago with only $50 and a handshake. Today, I am proud to announce the Foundation has more than $19 million in total assets.

Tessa Smith, a scholarship recipient with Peter Abbarno, Centralia College Foundation President

Over the past two years we have invested $1.3 million in student scholarships and financial aid. The Foundation, has invested in faculty and staff and student research projects like the capstone. The Foundation has invested in infrastructure and raised money for better facilities like the new SWFT building which will be an amazing 12,000 sq ft flexible trades building to help meet the needs of our local and global economies.

If you are interested in supporting the Foundation or the College, visit

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