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On Tuesday, January 14th, the Centralia City Council voted new leadership for the City Council. Councilmember Sue Luond was elected Mayor and Councilmember Peter Abbarno as the new Mayor Pro Tem. Congratulations to Mayor Sue Luond and the newest members of the Centralia City Council Elizabeth Cameron and Kelly Johnston.

Peter Abbarno listening to a presentation by Centralia City Manager Rob Hill.

My family and I are truly grateful for the support of the voters in Centralia for giving me another term on the Centralia City Council. The trust from the City is very humbling. Mayor Pro Tem was not a position I initially sought, but I was honored to be nominated, and excited to lend my knowledge and time to the City, and I look forward to helping Mayor Luond and the City Council navigate through 2020.

Peter Abbarno, Centralia City Councilmember

According to the Centralia City Council Policy 2.02, “the Council acts as a body.  No member has any extraordinary powers beyond those of other members.  While the Mayor has some additional ceremonial and presiding officer responsibilities as described below, when it comes to establishing policies, voting, and in other significant areas, all members are equal.  According to the Centralia City Council Policy 2.11, “the duties of the Mayor include serving as a facilitator at Council meetings, the Mayor shall assist the City Council in focusing on agenda discussions and deliberations.”

Peter Abbarno poses for the Chronicle Newspaper’s Person of the Year. Photo by Jared Wenzelburger

I was proud to nominate Councilmember Luond to the position of Mayor. She is very capable and energetic and will do a very fine job.

The City of Centralia has a very bright future. We must continue to be fiscally responsible, while investing in smart growth by improving aging infrastructure, creating inclusive and accessible streets and sidewalks, and developing long-range goals. I have confidence that we can do that working together for the common good.

Peter Abbarno, Centralia City Councilmember

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