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The sounds of fireworks are beginning and it is only June! A frequently asked question is: “What is our local law on fireworks?”

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The Centralia Municipal Code, CMC 5.98.030, controls the type of fireworks allowed within the city of Centralia and the dates when same may be sold and/or discharged. The Code adopts the State Law, RCW 70.77.

Sale and Purchase

Pursuant to RCW 70.77.395, it is legal to sell and purchase consumer fireworks within this state from twelve o’clock noon to eleven o’clock p.m. on June 28th, from nine o’clock a.m. to eleven o’clock p.m. on each day from the June 29th through the 4th of July, from nine o’clock a.m. to nine o’clock p.m. on the July 5th.


Fireworks may be used or discharged each day between the hours of twelve o’clock noon and eleven o’clock p.m. on June 28th and between the hours of nine o’clock a.m. and eleven o’clock p.m. on June 29th to July 3rd, and on July 4th between the hours of nine o’clock a.m. and twelve o’clock midnight, and between the hours of nine o’clock a.m. and eleven o’clock p.m. on July 5th.


Violations of the Centralia Municipal Code regarding fireworks are misdemeanors punishable, upon conviction, by a fine not to exceed the sum of $500.00 for each such violation. Each day of continuing violation shall be deemed a separate offense.

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In addition, fireworks sold, offered for sale, used, discharged, possessed, or transported in violation of this chapter shall be subject to seizure and disposal.

Can I Go To Chehalis To Blow Off Fireworks?

Chehalis joined Centralia and most municipalities by also adopting the State Fireworks Law, Chapter 70.77; therefore, the same dates and times for sale and discharge applies.

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate responsibly with family, friends, and the community. Please be safe and enjoy all the festivities throughout the region. In Centralia, Summerfest is an all day and night event that kicks off with a pancake breakfast served by yours truly and the City Council, a parade in downtown Centralia at 4pm, demolition derby at the fairgrounds, and city fireworks.

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