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Local first responders are on the front line protecting our families, neighborhoods, and community. In Tenino, the annual First Responders BBQ highlights the importance of our law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency responders.

The event traditionally coincides around the anniversary of 9/11. Why are First Responders so important?

First Responders, whether law enforcement, firefighters, or ambulatory services, are the officer who responds first to the scene and have the responsibility to protect the public, preserve the potential crime scene, and provide medical assistance to injury victims. We are forever thankful!

A number of children attending the First Responders BBQ in Tenino!
Peter Abbarno with Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford.

Thank you to all those keeping us safe and to John J. O’Callahan, volunteers, hosts, and supporters of the annual First Responders BBQ in Tenino, Washington at the Tenino Middle School.

First Responders see some of the most traumatic experiences, which can be stressful and traumatic. First responders, including emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and firefighters, can assist individuals in a suicidal crisis, as well as those who may be affected by a suicide death or attempt. First response agencies also have a role to play in assisting their own staff, who may experience increased risk of suicide as a result of exposure to traumatic emergencies.

If you need help, immediately call 1-800-273-8255 for the Free Suicide Lifeline or visit Lifeline Crisis Chat, the Lifeline Website, or Text “HEAL” to 741741 Crisis Text Line.

Peter Abbarno joins Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford and Miss Thurston County contestants at the First Responders BBQ in Tenino.

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