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On Sunday morning, Governor Jay Inslee issues a new set of Unilateral Stay Home Orders under ‘authority’ of the Emergency Powers granted to the governor under RCW 4.06. Previews of the new mandates released by the Governor’s office include:

  • NO indoor social gatherings with people outside your household;
  • NO outdoor social gatherings with more than 5 people outside your household;
  • NO indoor fitness facilities or gyms;
  • NO religious services over 25% capacity;
  • NO indoor restaurant or bar service; and
  • NO weddings and funeral services.

Any new unilateral mandates from the Governor must include relief for working families and small businesses. There are significant intended and unintended consequences from the Governor’s mandates that require real health, social, and economic solutions The emergency powers under RCW 43.06 were never meant to be a long-term system of governance.

Eight months have passed since the 2020 Legislative Session adjourned. Six months have passed since the Governor disbanded the bipartisan Business Recovery Task Force composed of eight state lawmakers. It is time for the Governor or two-thirds of the Legislature to call a special session and work on balanced solutions; our families and businesses depend on it.

Peter Abbarno, Washington State Representative-Elect in the 20th Legislative District.
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