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Agriculture and Land Stewardship is part of the history and tradition in Lewis County and throughout SW Washington. Family farming is woven into the fabric our community.

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Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company in Randle

This week I joined Local, State, and Federal Agencies on a Lewis Economic Development Council sponsored education tour of several local agricultural businesses; including

  • Cowlitz Meadows Dairy in Randle,
  • Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company in Randle,
  • Four Cedars Apiary in Glenoma, and
  • Northwest Natives Tree Farm in Cinebar.
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Four Cedars Apiary

I want to first thank the Lewis County Farm Bureau, Washington State Farm Bureau, Maureen Harkcom, and the Lewis Economic Development Council for organizing and hosting the event.

As a Centralia City Councilor, Local Business Owner, President of Centralia College Foundation, and Board member of the Lewis Economic Development Council, I was viewing the trip from many perspectives. Issues facing local businesses and farms should be nonpartisan and can be addressed with commonsense policies.

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Natives Northwest Trees

There were numerous common themes coming from the owners and operators: Too many government regulations and Too many government taxes, fees, and costs, and Not enough action on important issues like flooding.

Although the Farm Tour addressed agricultural issues, the themes coming from the owners can be heard from virtually every segment of business: Too Much Government!

Lewis County is ranks No. 1 in Washington State for Christmas Tree Production! And the total agricultural production is greater than $136 million annually.

In Washington state, Agriculture is an essential building block of our economy.

  • $10.6 Billion Revenue from 39,500 farms and ranches
  • Agriculture adds 164,000 Jobs through production, processing, transportation, and sales, agriculture ads  to the Washington economy.
  • Agriculture is 12 percent of Washington state’s overall economy.
  • Food Processing & Manufacturing generates $20.1 billion in revenue and creates 40,000 jobs.

The tour was followed by a dinner prepared by Jeremy Wildhaber with ingredients grown and produced in Lewis County. It was a great way to show the farm – to – table process.

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Dairy Farming in Lewis County

What can you do?

  • Consider Joining the Washington Farm Bureau at;
  • Support local farmers and the local agricultural community;
  • Learn more about the issues impacting local farms at and and advocate.

To learn more about my campaign, visit

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