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Thank you Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza for your support of me, my family, and my campaign for State Representative. Our law enforcement officers are much more than “enforcers.” The complex issues of today, including causes of homelessness, have added counselor, advocate, and health and social service provider, to the long list of their already stressful job description.

As your State Representative, I will continue working with law enforcement to provide them with the support to protect our families and businesses, as well as the necessary resources and tools to keep them safe in the community.

Peter Abbarno, candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

This year, Seattle and Olympia politicians voted to eliminate the death penalty, eliminate life in prison without parole, proposed reducing the sentences for attempted robberies and drive-by shootings, and allow felons to vote while on community supervision before victims are compensated.

The agenda by the majority in Olympia does not create safe streets or neighborhoods. It rewards criminals and puts families at risk. Every citizen, business owner, and visitor to the your community should feel safe and secure shopping at local businesses, walking to school, and driving down the road. I will fight to protect our families and those in the community keeping us safe.

Peter Abbarno, candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

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