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Centralia attorney Peter Abbarno has a degree in tax law and is prepared to argue taxes with state lawmakers over proposed new taxes and increased rates in existing revenue sources. “It’s going to siphon any money that we traditionally would reinvest in our workforce and our local communities,” said Abbarno.

The Governor and House Majority’s proposed budget irresponsibly increases taxes $1.4 billion dollars despite unanticipated revenue from existing sources of over $860 million.

An increased Business and Occupation Tax on gross income negatively impacts small and family owned businesses today. That is a tax that takes away from a businesses ability to invest in their employees and local community.

An increase in the Real Estate Excise Tax negatively impacts the sale and transfer of property today. This is a tax that increases the cost of development, as well as sales of investment properties relied upon for retirement.

The creation of a Capital Gains/Income Tax negatively impacts the sale and transfer of property today. This is not only unconstitutional, but taxes the investment and retirement of small and family owned businesses.

The cost of doing business in Washington, and the cost of working in Washington, is suffocating small businesses and working families.

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Read More and Watch the King 5 Interview with Peter Abbarno. Peter Abbarno also recently testified against a number of tax proposals in the State Senate, including the Capital Gains/Income tax, B and O tax, and Real Estate Excise Tax.

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