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In November 2018, the Centralia City Council voted to raise the property tax levy by 1% by a 4-3 vote on second reading. I again opposed the tax increase because it is unnecessary when the City budget is balanced with conservative revenue projections and our reserves increase while meeting the needs of our departments and city. However, I was successful in amending the City Budget by a 4-3 vote to earmark the tax increase for community organizations like the Lewis County Seniors and Hub City Mission Severe Weather Shelter. Ultimately, this week, Reliable Enterprises was awarded the funding for their Rent Well program.

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Councilmember Peter Abbarno voted against Centralia property tax levy increase.

“I made the motion because I really wanted to stand up for the taxpayers of Centralia and try to give them back the money,” Peter Abbarno said Thursday. “We passed a balanced budget and used conservative revenue projections, so I was disappointed when the council voted to increase taxes. Rather than that money just going into the general fund, why not increase a community line item? It was my way of giving that money back, because I don’t think we needed it. I have consistently voted against raising taxes on the residents of the city. Read more in The Chronicle.

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