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Registered voters have an opportunity to sign the petition to repeal SB 5395 which mandates Comprehensive Sex Education in all Washington public schools starting in kindergarten. A drive thru petition event is scheduled for Thursday, April 30 from 9-10am on across from KELA Radio studio on S. Gold.

Mandatory Sexual Education was passed despite a recent survey of 10,000 people conducted by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) that found 58% opposed mandatory sex education for K-12 students.

Event organizers Kelsi Hamilton is hopeful the petition signing is successful and repeal of mandatory sexual education will be presented on the November ballot.

I really appreciate all the efforts on this issue by Kelsi and volunteers in our community. I agree with them, that the issue of sex education should be left to local school boards in conjunction with the families of students. Olympia continues to pass legislation that erodes local control and family decision making. We should be encouraging families to be part of the process and the discussion on a local level. Our communities are not “one size fits all!”

This issues is more complex than merely ‘are you for or against the teaching of sexual and health education.’ This is an issue of ‘who should teach it,’ ‘where should it be taught,’ and ‘when should it be introduced.’ I support and believe in the decision making of our local families, local school boards, and local communities.

Peter Abbarno, Centralia Mayor Pro Tem and Candidate for the State House of Representation in the 20th Legislative District.

On Thursday, April 30, Peter Abbarno will be joined by event organizer Kelsi Hamilton on AM1470 KELA at 8:30 to discuss the new law and Referendum 90 to repeal the law recently signed by the Governor.

Petitions are available from 9am-10am after the “Let’s Talk About It” show located across the street from KELA at 1635 Gold St in Centralia.

This bill does nothing to strengthen families. It only makes government stronger. If we are truly to break the cycle of poverty then Olympia must empower families and local communities.

The family structure and bonds must be strengthen by encouraging communication and involvement and providing them with the tools and information. Statistics have proven over and over that strong families give children a better chance at success in life.

Peter Abbarno, Centralia Mayor Pro Tem and Candidate for the State House of Representation in the 20th Legislative District.
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