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Nearly every state in the U.S. is above $4 a gallon for gas, with Washington nearly leading the pack after breaking the $5 a gallon average on Monday, according to AAA. As of May 17, the average cost for a gallon of gas in Washington is $5.095, a new highest recorded average price!

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Saw in Centralia this morning on May 17th at 6:00am!!

If a student from Morton drives to Centralia to attend Centralia College they drive 80 miles round-trip. If the student’s vehicle gets 20 mpg, that student pays $20.76 per day just to attend class. A barrier to education!

If a retail worker lives in Centralia and drives to Capital Mall in Olympia for work, they drive 51 miles round-trip. If the employee works 5 days a week and gets 20 mpg they spend $66.17/week and $264.69/month. They need to work an extra 2 days per month just to cover the increase in gas from two years ago. A barrier to employment!

If a senior in rural Lewis County wants to visit the Toledo Senior Center for food, physical fitness, or entertainment, the increase cost of fuel is a barrier and negatively impacts their ability to travel. The cost of food and services for the Senior Center are higher resulting in less food and services. A barrier for the most vulnerable in our community.

With the cost of crude increasing nationwide, why are prices in Washington increasing disproportionately over the past 4 years, and skyrocketing over the past two years?

Washington State has among the highest gas tax in the country and over the past four years, the increase cost of fuel in Washington has doubled the national average increase. Gas taxes and over-burdensome regulations are regressive and increase the cost of goods and services on every citizen and disproportionately hurts low-income and fixed-income Washingtonians the most.

Too many taxes! Too many regulation! Not enough accountability! Help build a new majority in Olympia!

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