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The 2021 virtual legislative session saw a lot bills impacting the Second Amendment and your firearm rights. As a member of the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee, I heard and debated more bills than were brought to the House Floor for a vote. The Legislature is likely to see many of them again in 2022.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” Article 1, Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution goes even further to protect individual rights, stating “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired. . . .”

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The Governor recently signed Senate Bill 5038, often referred to the Open Carry Bill. While the media focuses on “demonstrations” and the “Capitol Campus” they miss the broad infringement contained in the law. The law applies to ANY permitted event statewide. The law applies to private property, which means any business open to the public. I opposed and debated against the legislation in Committee and on the House Floor.

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What was introduced? What is law?

There was a lot of legislation introduced this year; some became law and others never reached the Floor for a vote. Here is a list of some firearm related legislation introduced this year:

  • Aiming or discharge of firearm or dangerous weapon, unlawful, provisions: HB 1038
  • Ammunition, firearm magazines/loading devices of any size, constitutional amendment to allow for self-defense: SJR 8205
  • Ammunition, large capacity magazines, definition and prohibitions: HB 1164SB 5078SSB 5078
    • Passed the Senate Law and Justice Committee 5-4.
  • Assault weapon, defining with list of specific firearms: HB 1229SB 5217
  • Assault weapons, requirements and prohibitions: HB 1229SB 5217
  • Clay targets, sales and use tax exemptions: SB 5187
    • Passed in the Senate Ways and Means Committee 16-9.
  • Extreme risk protection orders, moving to a single civil protection orders chapter: HB 1320SHB 1320E2SHB 1320SB 5297
    • On the Governor’s Desk. Voted Against in the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee and House Floor.
    • Passed the House 53-44 and Passed the Senate 27-20.
  • Forfeited firearms, destroying of, policies/criteria for when: HB 1134
  • Gun clubs, nonprofit, clay target sales and use tax exemptions for: SB 5187
  • Loss or theft, owner/possessor who suffers, mandatory reporting and failure to report: HB 1133
  • Open carrying, at public demonstration or state capitol, prohibiting: SB 5038
    • Signed into law by the Governor. Voted Against in the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee and House Floor.
    • Passed the House 57-40-1 and Passed the Senate 28-21.
  • Openly carrying/displaying in threatening manner, as criminal mischief, class C felony: HB 1283SHB 1283
    • Passed the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee 12-5. Voted Against.
  • Pistols, license for concealed, public records disclosure exemption, when: SB 5095
  • Possession, by school personnel with valid concealed pistol license: HB 1481
  • Possession, in certain places, local government regulation of, in addition to or more restrictive than state law: HB 1313
  • Possession, in state capitol campus buildings, on west capitol grounds, or in certain other buildings, prohibiting: HB 1234
  • Possession, right to possess, petitioning court to restore, when: HB 1026
  • Possession, unlawful, after aiming/discharging or animal cruelty conviction: HB 1038
  • Regulation of firearms, local government regulation of, in addition to or more restrictive than state law: HB 1313
  • Sentencing enhancements for firearms, consecutive, resentencing, petition for: HB 1169SHB 1169
    • Passed the House Public Safety Committee 8-5. Passed Appropriations Committee 21-12
  • Sentencing enhancements for firearms, earned release time, when: HB 1282SHB 1282SB 5285
    • Passed the House Public Safety Committee 8-5.
  • Suicide, by veterans/military members, firearm temporary storage by dealer to prevent: HB 1181SHB 1181
    • Passed the House Housing, Human Services, and Veterans Committee 9-0.
  • Theft of firearm from residence, store, shop, sales outlet, or vehicle, class B felony: SB 5407
    • Passed the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources, and Parks Committee 4-3.
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There is a strong history and tradition of hunting, sport shooting, and firearm ownership in the 20th Legislative District and throughout Washington State. In the 20th Legislative District, voters spoke loud and clear on Initiative 594 (NO 64%) and Initiative 1639 (NO 68%) and they continue to voice concerns. I continue to stand with responsible and law abiding gun owners by protecting their rights.

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