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As you know, I am a candidate for State Representative in the 20th Legislative District. A seat being left open by the retirement of State Representative Richard DeBolt. We need to keep the 20th District working for us!

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By this time in a traditional campaign, I would have held a handful of Meet and Greet events, knocked on doors to meet neighbors, and attended numerous events supporting other local organizations. Unfortunately for our community, our state, our country, and the world, plans have changed because of COVID-19.

While I am still seeking election to the State House in the 20th Legislative District because I believe our district and our state needs strong leadership, I am campaigning with social distancing and community restrictions in mind.

I need your support now more than ever!

I need your help over the next couple weeks. Can you help with:

  • Locations for large 4×8 signs (click Here);
  • Locations for yard and window signs (click Here);
  • Donations of financial support and investment in my campaign (click Here); and
  • Volunteer to deliver door-hangers (without knocking), walk in parades (when scheduled) and host meet and greets (when restrictions are lifted). (click Here)

Limitations on campaigning means limitations on communicating my message and how important the 2020 election is for our district and our state. We need Strong Leadership in Olympia Working For Us.

Sign Up!

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Cowlitz County Republican Party HQ Meet & Greet

We Need Strong Leadership in Olympia Working for Us!

What Happened in the 2020 Session?

  • A general tax increase imposed on thousands of business owners across the state.
  • Mandatory Sexual Education for all of our children, including my children in first and third grade!
  • Low Carbon Fuel Standard to increase the Cost of Gas by 55 cents to 67 cents per gallon.
  • An unsustainable supplemental budget that created and grew government agencies and programs.
  • Proposed Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Sweeping 2nd Amendment Restrictions.

What Happened in the 2019 Session:

  • Increased Business and Occupation Tax on businesses.
  • Increased the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) on the sale of property.
  • Eliminated the Nonresidential Sales Tax Exemptions.
  • Increased the Local Property Tax Levy Lid to $2.50/$1,000.00.
  • Secrecy Laws that all medical providers to withhold our children’s medical information about “sensitive conditions” from parents.
  • Proposed: Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Sweeping 2nd Amendment Restrictions.

What can you do about it? Support Peter Abbarno!

Accountable Government to individuals, businesses, and taxpayers like us!

Affordable Communities for working families and Small Businesses!

Safe Neighborhoods for residents, law enforcement, and first responders.


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