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Peter Abbarno “Town Hall” Interview on AM1400 KEDO radio in Longview

I want to thank Bruce Pollock, Mike Wallin, Andy Huffman, and the entire crew at KEDO AM1400. ‘Town Hall’ is a great show where candidates, community advocates, and organizations can discuss important issues to Cowlitz County and beyond.

Bruce and I covered a lot of ground and discussed my support for quality economic development opportunities; improved access to early learning and child care for working families; local solutions for homelessness and poverty, Referendum 90 and the Mandatory Comprehensive Sexual Education law, and much more.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State House of Representatives in the 20th Legislative District.

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Campaign Kickoff to Elect Peter Abbarno a Success!

On Wednesday, February 26th, the kickoff breakfast to support Peter Abbarno’s campaign for State Representative was a huge success! Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Meyer served as emcee, the invocation was delivered by Bethel Pastor Scott Collins, and the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Sophia and Antonio Abbarno.

Rep. Richard DeBolt introducing Peter Abbarno at the 2020 #ElectPeterAbbarno Campaign Kickoff. Learn more at www.ElectPeterAbbarno.com

I can talk about issues until I am blue- and orange- in the face. This campaign is not just about issues, but solutions. We all have a common interest in better schools for our children, more family wage jobs, greater freedoms, and increased opportunities. As your state representative, I will pull up my sleeves and get to work on solutions for our families, our businesses, and the entire 20th Legislative District.

Peter Abbarno, Candidate for State Representative in the 20th Legislative District.
Peter Abbarno speaking at the 2020 #ElectPeterAbbarno Campaign Kickoff. www.ElectPeterAbbarno.com
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Centralia Votes to NOT Raise Property Tax Levy

On Tuesday, November 12, the Centralia City Council voted (4-3) to not raise the property tax levy. I was joined by Councilmember Luond, McGee, and Barnes to hold the line on tax increases.

I have voted against every unnecessary tax increase since first being elected in 2015. This is a policy statement, not a political statement.

Our city is seeing increased revenue from existing revenue sources. Our city can and already has a balanced budget with increased reserves. Any tax increase now is unnecessary and only punishes working families and fixed income residents in our community. I am glad to see my motion to hold the line on tax increases pass this year.

Centralia attorney Peter Abbarno joins Association of Washington Business’ Government Affairs Director Clay Hill to testify in opposition to Senate Bill 5129, which would increase taxes on local small businesses. (Photo: Brian Mittge/AWB)

The City of Centralia approved the 2019-2020 budget at $127,545,319 budget. The budget was balanced and increased our projected reserves. In April 2019, the City Council voted 7-0 to approve an amendment to the budget because of increased revenue. The new amended budget was approved at $133,623,427. In July 2019, the City Council voted 7-0 to approve a second amendment to the budget. The new amended budget was approved at $134,722,760. That was an increase of $1,099,333.

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Seattle Wants to Open Flood Gates for Income Tax

In July 2019, the Washington State Court of Appeals ruled the City of Seattle has the authority to impose and enforce an income tax.

About two years ago, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed an income tax. The Court of Appeals struck down the “tax on the rich” scheme and ruled that the tax could be potentially imposed on all taxpayers equally.

Last week, the Court of Appeals rejected the Motion to Reconsider the ruling, so it will move on to the State Supreme Court.

According to Article VII of the Washington’s Constitution,

“all taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of property within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax and shall be levied and collected for public purposes only.”

A 1933 State Supreme Court case (and others) also struck down the idea of creating a bracketed income tax. The People of the State of Washington have consistently voted against an income tax. Like the current issues with I-976 car tabs, it appears Seattle and Olympia do not like the “will of the people!”

Centralia attorney and business owner Peter Abbarno joins Association of Washington Business’ Government Affairs Director Clay Hill to testify in opposition to Senate Bill 5129, which would increase taxes on local small businesses. (Photo: Brian Mittge/AWB)
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Movember? How you can help!

During the month of November, many men across the country and world take a break from shaving; also referred as No Shave November or Movember!

Whatever you grow will save a Brother, Father, Grandfather, Uncle. . .


The story that I patched together from Men’s Health and Tools of Men was that back in 2003 friends Travis Garone and Luke Slattery met in a bar in Melbourne, Australia.  One of their friends mother was currently battling breast cancer at the time and it gave them inspiration to start their own foundation to help raise awareness about men’s health causes.

Specifically they wanted to focus on generating a men’s specific disease – prostate cancer. Since then, the Movember Foundation now helps to generate awareness for testicular cancer along with mental health and suicide prevention.

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Centralia Fireworks Poll!

On October 22, the Centralia City Council may vote to change the Centralia Municipal Code (CMC) 5.98 regulating the sale and discharge of Fireworks.

In addition to doorbelling and personal interaction, I created an online poll to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Current Law

Purchase and Sale

Centralia currently follows RCW 70.77 which states it is legal to sell and purchase consumer fireworks: June 28 from 9am to 11pm; June 29 – July 4 from 9am to 11pm; July 5 from noon to 11pm; and December 27 – 31 from 9am to 11pm.


Centralia currently follows RCW 70.77 which states it is legal to discharge consumer fireworks: June 28 from Noon to 11pm; June 29 – July 3 from 9am to Midnight; July 4th from 9am to Midnight; July 5 from 9am to 11pm; and December 31 – January 1 from 6pm to 1am.

Proposal Before City Council

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First Responders Honored in Tenino!

Local first responders are on the front line protecting our families, neighborhoods, and community. In Tenino, the annual First Responders BBQ highlights the importance of our law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency responders.

The event traditionally coincides around the anniversary of 9/11. Why are First Responders so important?

First Responders, whether law enforcement, firefighters, or ambulatory services, are the officer who responds first to the scene and have the responsibility to protect the public, preserve the potential crime scene, and provide medical assistance to injury victims. We are forever thankful!

A number of children attending the First Responders BBQ in Tenino!
Peter Abbarno with Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford.

Thank you to all those keeping us safe and to John J. O’Callahan, volunteers, hosts, and supporters of the annual First Responders BBQ in Tenino, Washington at the Tenino Middle School.

First Responders see some of the most traumatic experiences, which can be stressful and traumatic. First responders, including emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and firefighters, can assist individuals in a suicidal crisis, as well as those who may be affected by a suicide death or attempt. First response agencies also have a role to play in assisting their own staff, who may experience increased risk of suicide as a result of exposure to traumatic emergencies.

If you need help, immediately call 1-800-273-8255 for the Free Suicide Lifeline or visit Lifeline Crisis Chat, the Lifeline Website, or Text “HEAL” to 741741 Crisis Text Line.

Peter Abbarno joins Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford and Miss Thurston County contestants at the First Responders BBQ in Tenino.

Seminary Hill Natural Area: A Gem in Downtown Centralia

Downtown Centralia hosts a beautiful 70-acre natural area called Seminary Hill. The natural area overlooks Centralia, the Chehalis and Skookumchuck River valleys and the municipal water reservoirs on Seminary Hill Road.

Removing Ivy From Seminary Hill with Miss Lewis County Rebecca Ford

This week, my family joined the Friends of Seminary Hill for their annual work party to preserve and improve the 2.25 miles of trails and natural area. The Friends of Seminary Hill is a community group that that partners with the City of Centralia to maintain the area.

Each Spring and Fall we join the Friends of Seminary Hill and lend a hand. I encourage you to learn more about the Hill and the Friends, and join us at the many events scheduled on the Hill throughout the year.

Antonio on Earth Day 2019 Helping Deliver Bark on the Trails.

To learn more about Seminary Hill or to support and volunteer, consider visiting Seminary Hill Natural Area website. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to participate in events or volunteer. Stay Tuned for the 2020 planning meeting and upcoming events.

Sophia Joining Friends of Seminary Hill Volunteers Remove Ivy From the Hill
Centralia City Councilor Peter Abbarno with former Centralia City Councilor/Mayor Bill Moeller, and President of the Friends of Seminary Hill Brian Mittge.

To learn more about the Friends of Seminary Hill, visit Friends of Seminary Hill!

What is a Natural Area like Seminary Hill? According to the Friends, it is:

  • A quiet place to walk or run. The trails are main- tained for careful walking. (For safety and trail damage reasons, wheeled vehicles are banned by city ordinance.)
  • A grand place for nature study. There is a wide variety of trees, shrubs and leafy plants…some of the older trees date from about 1900. The low growing plants are sensitive to foot traffic, so it’s best to stay on trails.
  • Possibly a place to picnic…. but littered natural areas aren’t very natural. A simple rule is to take out everything you take in. And fire is the worst enemy of all. (Camping, guns of all sorts, and fires are also banned by city ordinance.)