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Two anti-Second Amendment bills were passed by the majority party: Senate Bill 5444 (further restricting where you can legally carry) and House Bill 2118 (onerous new regulations on firearm businesses)

I stood up against these measures and spoke against them on the House floor.

Following a pattern we’ve seen for years, the majority stripped law-abiding citizens of their ability to protect themselves while, at the same time, introduced measures to reduce penalties for criminal activity:

  • House Bill 1268 would have reduced the sentences for gang, drug, and gun related crimes around schools and bus-stops;
  • House Bill 2030 would have allowed convicted murderers spending life in prison to vote, serve on a jury and hold public office;
  • House Bill 2177 would have required sex offenders to serve on a state sex offender policy board; and
  • House Bill 1396 would have reduced the sentences for aggravated first degree murder.

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