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Today- Washington State House Republican Caucus members met to re-organize before what is expected to be a difficult virtual legislative session.

This was my first Caucus meeting as a newly elected member. The Caucus was unified, positive, and focused on solutions for ‘you’, the citizens of Washington. I am very encouraged by the energy and focus on the working families and small businesses in our State.

Peter Abbarno, Washington State Representative-Elect in the 20th Legislative District.

Rep. J.T. Wilcox was re-elected as Leader of the Washington State House Republicans. The Caucus also elected:

We build stronger families, stronger communities, and a stronger Washington by focusing on solutions to the day-to-day concerns of local families and business owners. That is what I campaigned on and that is what I look forward to accomplishing as State Representative in the 20th Legislative District.

Peter Abbarno, Washington State Representative-Elect in the 20th Legislative District.

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